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Did you look for organic cinnamon or true Ceylon cinnamon? You’re in the right place. We produce and export conventional and organic cinnamon, with USDA certification, to all countries.

Would you like to improve your customer experience with excellent CEYLON CINNAMON products? Great-tasting and real cinnamon will keep customers coming back to you.

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In addition, we manufacture and supply all grades of true Ceylon cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

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Where did true
cinnamon come from?

Cinnamon is an aromatic bark native to Sri Lanka. And it is a very popular household spice. In the local language, we call it “Kurudu”.

You will find more varieties of cinnamon in the market, but the true cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka, and we find it as Ceylon cinnamon in the international market.

In addition, we produce various types of products for human consumption from cinnamon bark, such as cinnamon sticks, powder, and oil.

Moreover, the bark of Ceylon cinnamon is lighter in color (golden brown), gentler, and thinner. Cinnamon powder comes from the bark, and it has a sweet, strong aromatic smell and flavor.

Further, we use the cinnamon leaf and bark to make cinnamon oils.

From its native Sri Lanka to international kitchens, cinnamon makes cultures and cuisines. Moreover, its pleasant aroma adds a special touch to kitchens around the world. Join us in discovering the wonders of cinnamon in various forms to enhance your cooking adventures.

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Private Label Cinnamon Packaging: Your Brand, Your Identity

Step into the spotlight of individuality with our private-label Ceylon cinnamon packaging solutions.

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Ceylon Cinnamon Eco-Friendly Organic Farming

We are strongly dedicated to dealing with increasing concerns about the extensive use of plastics. And the harm they cause to our environment. In addition, we understand the urgency of the situation and recognize our responsibilities as producers. Therefore, we are taking clear steps to improve the sustainability of our products and reduce their impact on the environment.

In addition, we are proud to highlight our dedication to producing 100% USDA, EU, and JAS organic-certified Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka. Further, the initiative not only supports organic farming but also demonstrates its dedication to ethical sourcing and responsible production.

In conclusion, at Cinnamon Diary, we are not just concerned about the use of plastics; we are actively taking steps to become part of the solution. Therefore, our commitment to making certified organic cinnamon and our extensive sustainability efforts show our unwavering dedication to the environment. Together, let’s pave the way toward a brighter, more sustainable future.

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Experience the Legacy of Sri Lanka’s Oldest Cinnamon Companies: Your best Wholesale Cinnamon Distributors and Suppliers

Discover the best hand-made wholesale Ceylon cinnamon with us, with the highest quality and tradition. Moreover, take a journey through time with the reliable keepers of high-quality cinnamon, proudly preserving our heritage since the beginning.

Choose from various packaging options that fit your needs in convenient consumer sizes. Also, our commitment to flexibility ensures your requirements are met seamlessly.

Further, as a respected cinnamon expert, you only deserve the best. In addition, we stand as a symbol of excellence in the cinnamon trade, admired nationwide for our unwavering dedication to quality and authenticity.

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