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Explore the Excellence of Ceylon C4 Cinnamon Grade from the Evergreen Cinnamomum Verum Tree

Experience the allure of Ceylon C4 Cinnamon grade, extracted from the same cherished Cinnamomum verum tree species. With its captivating yellow or light brown appearance, this grade harmoniously belongs to the distinguished Continental Cinnamon category. Also, the C4 grade, a proud member of the Continental cinnamon grade, boasts a diameter of around 13–14 mm, exemplifying quality and aesthetic elegance.


A World of Choices Awaits:
Discover an array of possibilities when you decide to purchase Ceylon C4 cinnamon grade. Tailor your choice to match your preferences, ranging from 5-inch to 21-inch cinnamon cuts. This versatility empowers you to craft your cinnamon journey, enriching every dish and beverage with authenticity and a touch of indulgence.

Elegance within Reach:
Amidst various cinnamon stick grades, the C4 grade stands out as an affordable yet exquisite option. Offering a perfect blend of cost-effectiveness and excellence, this grade ensures you relish the pleasures of Ceylon Cinnamon without straining your budget.

Introducing Cinnamon Diary’s Offerings:
Cinnamon Diary transcends beyond cinnamon, presenting a world of certified organic tea in compliance with USDA, EU, and JAS standards. Our range also encompasses conventional tea, sharing Sri Lanka’s finest brews with global enthusiasts. Therefore, join us on a journey of culinary delight, authenticity, and unwavering quality.

Discover the magic of Ceylon C4 Cinnamon Grade and the diversified offerings from Cinnamon Diary. Elevate your culinary adventures and savor the treasures of Sri Lanka, encapsulated within a single enriching voyage.