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Discover the Unique Appeal of Our Cinnamon Off-Cuts Grade

Our Cinnamon Off-Cuts Grade showcases a distinctive blend of small and medium-sized cuts sourced from various other grades. This intriguing grade is a byproduct of our cinnamon stick manufacturing process. When we transform a full 42-inch bale into 5-inch cuts, the resulting off-cut grade emerges naturally. It’s composed of diverse pieces from different kinds of cinnamon sticks, forming a harmonious collection of various cut types.

For instance, when we trim a complete bale of C5 cinnamon sticks into 5-inch segments, a residual offcut of 3 inches remains. We ingeniously repurpose these fragments to create the Cinnamon Off-Cuts Grade, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.

Moreover, rest assured that our cinnamon bears the prestigious seal of organic certification, including USDA, EU, and JAS certifications. We take pride in offering you the finest authentic cinnamon sourced directly from the bountiful lands of Sri Lanka. Elevate your culinary creations with the unparalleled essence of our real cinnamon.

Cinnamon Off Cuts Grade