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Explore the Excellence of Ceylon H2 Cinnamon Grade – A Top Choice Among H Cinnamon Grades

The Ceylon H2 Cinnamon Grade stands proudly as one of the most sought-after selections within the H Cinnamon grades. Displaying remarkable similarities to the esteemed H1 Cinnamon Grade, the H2 variety boasts an impressive 90% golden yellow color and showcases cinnamon sticks of exceptional quality. Notably, buyers often gravitate towards the H2 Cinnamon Sticks Grade when seeking whole-stick packaging.

Sri Lankan cinnamon, often referred to as Ceylon cinnamon, holds the titles of “true cinnamon” and “sweet cinnamon” within the market. Its historical significance and distinct flavor profile set it apart from its counterpart, “Cassia cinnamon.”

A notable contrast between Ceylon cinnamon quills and Cassia cinnamon sticks lies in their appearance. Ceylon cinnamon quills resemble fine cigars, with a soft and brittle texture that can be easily broken by hand. On the other hand, Cassia cinnamon or Cassia bark carries a sturdier and more robust nature, resisting easy breakage.

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When considering wholesale cinnamon purchases, factors like quality, origin, and pricing are pivotal. Cinnamon takes various forms, including ground cinnamon, cinnamon sticks, and cinnamon bark, each offering unique culinary possibilities.

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