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Discover the Appeal of M4 Cinnamon Grade – A Favorite in Mexico and European Markets

The M4 Cinnamon Grade holds a prominent place of favor in both Mexican and European markets, garnering significant popularity. Derived from the same Cinnamomum Verum plant as its counterparts, Ceylon M4 Cinnamon Grade commands attention for its competitive pricing and the visually appealing quills that characterize this middle-range grade.

The art of crafting cinnamon quills is a unique skill deeply rooted in Sri Lankan tradition, passed down through generations over centuries. This intricate preparation process is a testament to the cultural heritage of the region.

M4 Cinnamon Grade shares remarkable similarities with the M5 Cinnamon Grade. The sticks display a delightful light brown color and boast a diameter of approximately 18–20 millimeters. Notably, these qualities contribute to the M4 grade’s distinction as one of the most sought-after Mexican cinnamon grades within the realm of quills.

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M4-Cinnamon sticks