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Unlock the Flavorful World of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder – Ground Magic from Nature’s Bark

Derived from the aromatic bark of the cinnamon tree, Ceylon cinnamon powder is a cherished gem recognized as ground cinnamon in culinary circles.

Here at Cinnamon Diary, we craft our cinnamon powder in mesh sizes, including 100 mesh, 50 mesh, and 30 mesh. And, our prized gem, the best-selling cinnamon superfine powder, boasts a distinctively sweet aroma.

Additionally, our production process begins with the harvesting of cinnamon, succeeded by the precise extraction of the bark’s inner layers. Subsequently, adept artisans shape these invaluable peels into cinnamon sticks, while the very same peels yield a variety of grades, manifesting as captivating cinnamon quills. Notable examples include ALBA Cinnamon, Quillings 01, and Quillings 02.

From this esteemed collection of grades, it’s the quillings that pave the path to crafting our exceptional powder.

Further, Cinnamon’s innate sweetness has secured its pivotal role in the realm of baking. From mouthwatering cinnamon buns to the comforting embrace of chocolate treats, and reaching as far as the delectable pastries adorning tables in Mexico, Peru, and the USA, cinnamon’s versatility stands unrivaled. Moreover, the aromatic symphony it lends to Middle Eastern spicy dishes further underlines its global allure.

Embrace the allure of Ceylon cinnamon powder and open the doors to a world of culinary enchantment. Experience the authentic essence of this cherished spice as you elevate your culinary creations with its aromatic touch.”

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