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Discover the Elegance of ALBA Cinnamon: The Thinnest, Smoothest, and Most Exquisite Cinnamon Grade

ALBA cinnamon stands as the pinnacle of the cinnamon bark family, renowned for its exceptional qualities. With a slender diameter of approximately 6mm to 7mm, it exudes unparalleled smoothness, making it a true delicacy. Recognized as the most coveted grade, ALBA cinnamon commands its status as the most prestigious and expensive choice in the market.

Distinguished by its standard diameter size ranging from 6mm to 10mm, reminiscent of fine pencils, ALBA cinnamon captivates with its unique attributes. Crafted by skilled hands, there might be subtle variations in size, adding to its authentic charm. Its alluring aroma and satisfying taste set it apart, ensuring a delightful culinary experience.

Radiating a gentle golden brown hue and boasting a pleasing texture, ALBA cinnamon exemplifies sophistication. Notably, the C5 Special Cinnamon Grade shares akin characteristics with the illustrious ALBA grade.

At Cinnamon Diary, we advocate for the superiority of organic ALBA cinnamon over regular alternatives. Our commitment to quality is evident in our USDA, EU, and JAS-certified organic cinnamon. But how can you be sure of its authenticity?

Further, organic cinnamon thrives in an environment free from harmful pesticides. Every purchase from Cinnamon Diary comes with a transaction certificate, affirming its organic nature. Issued by the Sri Lanka Control Union, the governing authority in organic farming, this certificate provides peace of mind.

Distinguishing organic cinnamon features a slightly darker texture due to the omission of sulfur treatment, setting it apart from conventional cinnamon and allowing the natural beauty of organic cinnamon to shine through. Additionally, this treatment extends the shelf life of cinnamon by safeguarding it against pests, ensuring its longevity.

Choose ALBA cinnamon from Cinnamon Diary and embrace a world of refined taste, guaranteed purity, and unmatched quality.

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