Cinnamon Grades

At Cinnamon Diary, we offer a wide range of Cinnamon Grades and products.

We produce the finest quality, Ceylon Cinnamon, with a range of products including ALBA, C5 Special, C4, H1, H2, Quillings, and Cinnamon Powder.

Cinnamon Grades | Where to buy the best Ceylon Cinnamon? 

We already know, REAL Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) is native to Sri Lanka.

Further, all of Cinnamon grades have a unique Spicy taste, Aroma, and bright golden brown color. 

At Cinnamon Diary, we are supplying all the grades of Ceylon Cinnamon at very attractive wholesale prices. Therefore, you can choose the real Cinnamon at Cinnamon Diary. Look no further you have come to the right place to Buy the best True Ceylon Cinnamon in the world!

ALBA Cinnamon

The Alba is the thinnest (approx. 6mm – 7 mm diameter) and very smooth grade of the Cinnamon bark family.

C5 Special Cinnamon

Our C5 Special grade is one of the top sellers in our Cinnamon grades.

C5 Cinnamon

The C5 Cinnamon grade is a highly demanding grade in the market

C4 Cinnamon

Real C4 Cinnamon maximum diameter size is 16mm

M5 Cinnamon

The M5 Cinnamon sticks are golden brown/slightly reddish color and thinner in appearance

M4 Cinnamon

M4 Cinnamon is a very popular grade in Mexico and European countries.

H1 Cinnamon

The H1 Cinnamon stick is rough and very strong in appearance

H2 Cinnamon

This is the most economical grade among the other stick`s grades.

Quillings No 1

Quillings No 1 comes in large broken pieces of Cinnamon

Quillings No 2

Our Quillings No o2 Grade comes with 50% of large and 50% of pieces

Cinnamon Off Cuts

The Cinnamon off-cuts grade comes in small and medium-size cuts of other grades.

Cinnamon Powder

Our Cinnamon powder has a sweet taste, strong aromatic smell.