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Discover the Superiority of Cinnamon Quillings No 1 and True Ceylon Cinnamon at Cinnamon Diary

Unlock the world of exceptional cinnamon with Cinnamon Quillings No 1 – a product defined by its sizeable broken pieces. These large quillings are a result of the intricate preparation process involving cutting and baling. As a consequence, Quillings No 1 presents itself with slightly more substantial quillings, promising a distinctive experience.

Crafted from Premium Cinnamon Sticks

Cinnamon Diary places a premium on quality. We exclusively employ high-grade cinnamon sticks to produce our Quillings No 1 grade. Also, these select chips form the remarkable cinnamon variety, ensuring each piece embodies the rich flavors.

A Myriad of Cinnamon Offerings

Our portfolio extends beyond Quillings No 1. Cinnamon Diary proudly provides an extensive selection of authentic Ceylon Cinnamon, available in both organic and non-organic variants. Derived from the bark of native evergreen trees in Sri Lanka, true cinnamon holds a distinguished place in the global culinary sphere. With cinnamon trees reaching heights of 8–20 meters, the bark is transformed into one of the most sought-after spices globally.

Culinary Enchantment Unveiled

Cinnamon bark is a culinary magician, lending its enchanting touch to an array of creations. From luscious desserts such as chocolate, spicy candies, tea, and hot cocoa, to savory Middle Eastern dishes featuring chicken and lamb, cinnamon’s versatility knows no bounds. In the United States, the delightful duo of cinnamon and honey adds allure to cereals, bread-based dishes, and fruits, particularly apples – even a cinnamon-sugar blend is marketed separately for these delightful purposes.

Your Trusted Source for Cinnamon

Cinnamon Diary stands committed to delivering quality in every offering. Whether you seek certified organic cinnamon, carrying the prestigious USDA, EU, and JAS certifications, or conventional cinnamon, we serve as your reliable source in Sri Lanka. Elevate your culinary creations with our exceptional cinnamon varieties, transforming every dish into a masterpiece.

Experience the world of genuine Ceylon cinnamon with Cinnamon Diary – your gateway to exceptional flavors and aromas.

Quillings No 1