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Explore the Unique Qualities of Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings No 2 at Cinnamon Diary

Unveil the distinctive characteristics of Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings No 2, an offering that presents an equal blend of 50% large and 50% small broken pieces of cinnamon sticks. Further, this exclusive grade, infused with the essence of the Ceylon cinnamon bark, carries a unique story.

Composition of the Grade

Comprising an even distribution of 50% large and 50% small broken pieces of cinnamon sticks, Quillings No 2 Grade stands as a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Just like its counterpart, Quillings No 1, this grade hails from the bark of the native evergreen trees in Sri Lanka, which flourish at heights ranging from 8 to 20 meters. This bark transforms into a prized spice that is an indispensable ingredient across various culinary creations.

A Window into the Crafting Process

The journey of cinnamon Quillings No 2 unfolds during the cutting and baling process, producing these distinct chips. This grade takes center stage in the creation of cinnamon powder, underlining its pivotal role in the culinary realm. A significant portion of this grade comprises quillings no. 01, constituting approximately 50% of its composition.

Ceylon Cinnamon: A Mark of Quality

At Cinnamon Diary, our commitment to quality is unwavering. Our Ceylon Cinnamon offerings boast prestigious certifications including USDA, EU, and JAS organic certifications. When you choose Cinnamon Diary, you’re choosing the epitome of authentic, organic cinnamon sourced from Sri Lanka.

Experience the finesse of Ceylon Cinnamon Quillings No 2 and indulge in the world of superior culinary experiences with Cinnamon Diary. Your gateway to certified organic cinnamon awaits.

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