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Experience Excellence with H1 Cinnamon Sticks Grade – Beloved Choice in Latin American Countries

The H1 Cinnamon Sticks Grade stands as a customer favorite, especially embraced in Latin American countries. Also, renowned for its unparalleled quality. Our H1 grade features the most exquisite and valuable sections of raw cinnamon bark. This coveted Hamburg (H) grade boasts a diameter size of approximately 21-23 mm.

Adding to its allure, we offer the H1 grade in both bulk quantities and private-label packaging options. For bulk purchases, our H1 Cinnamon is commonly packaged in a convenient 21-inch cut-in-a-box configuration or available as whole-stick packaging.

Rest assured, our Cinnamon features the purity of Certified Organic Ceylon Cinnamon (USDA), representing the finest cinnamon sourced directly from the rich landscapes of Sri Lanka. It’s important to note that due to the artisanal nature of production, subtle variations in size might be present among these handcrafted sticks.

Delve into the world of exceptional cinnamon with our H1 Cinnamon Sticks Grade, where each stick encapsulates the essence of quality and authenticity.

H1 Ceylon Cinnamon