About Cinnamon Diary

Cinnamon Diary – Ethical source of True Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka

We are always striving to supply the best quality Ceylon Cinnamon.

Cinnamon Diary Estates

Cinnamon Diary was found in 2009 with the ambition of becoming a premier supplier of true Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka.

We supplied a small amount of Cinnamon at the beginning and it was a humble beginning of our Company.  however, we grew a small scale of Cinnamon in our gardens and started collecting a small amount of Cinnamon at the starting time.

Our turn over increases stable annually 200% and we though to rebrand our company to the international market.

Over the years, we experienced in planting, harvesting, selecting, processing, and preserving finest quality Ceylon cinnamon products to the market.

Our key manufacturing products were Ceylon Cinnamon, but we have experience in dealing with other agricultural products such as Black Pepper.

Our deep understanding is the quality of the products to grow sustainably and satisfy our clients

Therefore, if you are looking for true Ceylon Cinnamon and originated from Sri Lanka, you will find comfort and satisfaction at Cinnamon Diary. Our main priority is the quality of the products so you will get the highest quality Cinnamon in your order.

Maintaining the quality of the products is our reputation over 10 years of business. In a highly competitive environment, we commit to supply the best quality true Cinnamon every time under our brand name.

OUR VISION - Cinnamon Diary

Operate our business ethically and supply the best quality Cinnamon to the world!


Strive to offer our customers high-quality cinnamon products with professional handling and the best price possible.

Customer utmost satisfaction without reducing the quality of the products.

Empower and engage traditional farmers to produce the best quality products.



Our main markets are the USA, Canada, Germany, Peru, Spain, Mexico, Russia, and the U.K.

Additional values of our Cinnamon Diary:

  • Flexible pricing, mode of payment
  • Prompt delivery·
  • Customizing package and documentation

Environmental conditions of our plantation

High fertile loamy soils and it is rich in organic condition but these plants grow in various soil conditions.

Altitude - Up to 250m above the mean sea level.
Temperature – 25-32 °C
Rainfall – 1750-3500 mm

Environmental conditions of our plantation